Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dion became Indonesian Idol contestant with the song "Tanjung Perak"

DIONSIUS AGUNG SUBAGYO or used to be called Dion, born in Temanggung, Purwokerto, 8 April 1986. He was one of the participants Indonesian Idol 2012. Dion initially worked as a driver of a car rental, and now he's become one of the contestant Indonesian Idol

Dion became Indonesian Idol contestant who becomes the center of attention.
Dion also had a chance to be one of three Indonesian Idol 2012 contestants who entered trending topic all over the world (world wide) on Twitter. (2 other contestants are Sean and Regina)

Dion's vocals are unique, made ​​her always anticipated by the jury. Tanjung Perak song she sang in swing music into songs that people liked. In fact he could make Ahmad Dhani singing with him at that time. Although the song with their own versions and arrangements, songs sung Dion still good to hear.
Never give up, that's one of life's motto. Easy going personality that makes Dion easy to adapt to its environment during quarantine. "Success for Dion, Next Super Star" was voiced by fans.

Lirik Tanjung Perak kembali menjadi tenar setelah dinyanyikan Dion dengan versinya. Khusus untuk penggemar dari Indonesia, yang ingin mendapatkan MP3 download lagu Tanjung Perak coba lewat, dijamin lebih cepat downloadnya.

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