Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dera the Indonesian Idol contestants are tomboy and cute

NON DERA ANGGIA PUTRI PRAWITASARI or used to be called Dera. Born in Cianjur, December 2, 1993

Women from Cianjur tomboy style, has the ability to sing and play guitar on display in front of Ahmad Dhani in Sukabumi ago. Through his expertise was Dera strive to be the best in front of the judges 'Triple A'. The girl who has a distinctive sound with vibra this unique, never take skewers and meatballs for the judges at elimination. Dera always been able to conquer the difficult songs sung by singers who often men with his own style. With vibranya voice, he has stolen the hearts Agnes Monica since the beginning of the audition.

Dera cute figure, one contestant Indonesian Idol 2012 is a charm in the eyes of men. This cute girl had time to establish love as much as 13 times, he said during a visit to the editor of Okezone, Tuesday (17 April 2012)

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