Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sandy impression in the event the Indonesian Idol

ROSANDY SRIWIDIA NUGROHO or used to be called Sandy. Born in Surakarta, August 6, 1986.

Distinctive voice, his performances are always perfect and a good mastery of the stage to the excess in the event of Indonesian Idol. By singing Always Be My Baby by David Cook, Sandy managed to attract the attention of Agnes Monica Agnes was even sang along at the time. Men who worked as a street artist is determined to train harder, especially in controlling her emotions while singing on stage, in order to drive in the Grand Final later.

Furthermore Sandy, automotive enthusiasts this guy says is always optimistic in running this event. for him this is a pretty valuable lesson for life, and his future later.

Glimpse of the kind of woman who liked Sandy. Sandy likes women with a natural look and not those who like to dress up. He said "Beauty she will be more remarkable when it is not covered. So like pearls shining bright. If in-make-up, the light is actually covered and privileges not even light out, "he concluded.

sekilas tentang Sandy "Sandy akhirnya meraih golden ticket setelah 4 kali ikut audisi di Indonesian Idol"

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