Monday, April 16, 2012

ivan the Indonesian Idol contestant favorite of women

Ivan Saputra or used to be called Ivan, was born in Jakarta, July 12, 1988.
Ivan is one of Indonesian Idol contestants are favored by women.
Previously Anang Indonesia Idol as the judges, said that Ivan just cashed handsome face, but after he proved in Indonesian Idol contest "spectacular 1" Anang finally pulled his words, saying that Ivan is quite good at singing

This squirrel lover man realized his singing talent, when he uploaded a video recording songs on the website Youtube. Unexpectedly there are many who liked the video. Now, Ivan has uploaded more than 20 recordings of songs and he hopes to be more successful in the Indonesian Idol. As encouragement during the quarantine, he always brings his little squirrel, who was named Similikiti. The 23-year-old man is easily adaptable to new environments. It is easier to undergo quarantine activities during Indonesian Idol.

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