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Estianty Maia's journey (perjalanan kehidupan Sang Maia Estianty

Maya Estianty or better known by the name of Maia Ahmad is a group of personnel Duo Maia was born in Surabaya, East Java, on January 27, 1976.
Maia is married to a musician, Ahmad Dhani, fronted the band Dewa 19. They met while attending school in SMAN 2 Surabaya. Dhani Maia married at the age of 19 years. From the wedding, they had three children. All three were named as Sufi leaders who idolized his father, Ahmad Al-Gazali, El Jalaluddin Rumi, and Abdul Qodir Jaelani. But their marriage can not survive, they were officially divorced in 2008

Maia had formed a band RATU, with personnel and Pinkan Mambo and Maia, the equally been a backing vocalist Dewa 19. 
The new single album they put out, BERSAMA (2003), Pinkan resigned in 2005. Through the audition process, was replaced by Mulan Kwok (which changed its name to Mulan Jameela in 2008).
Together Mulan, Maia released the first compilation album, titled RATU & FRIENDS (2005) with a single "Teman tapi Mesra" and "Di Dadaku Ada Kamu". In 2006, RATU released the album NO. SATU, the flagship song Lelaki Buaya Darat and Dear Diary.

Mulan decides to leave the RATU in early 2007. After vacuum during 1 year Maia return with the formation of Duo Maia, with Mey Chan. They released their debut album titled MAIA & FRIENDS (2008) with the flagship song Ingat Kamu and EGP
Besides singing, Maia is also plunged into the world of acting. Maia had become one of the cast comedy Extravaganza in Trans TV in 2006 but then stopped in 2007. Maia also had a chance to play some sit-com episode in OB in (RCTI).
Maia became a guest star in a horror movie FLOOR 13 (2007).

In the development of his career as a musician, Maia is also a producer, the producer of Pasto vocal group. And in Duo Maia, he hook artist Cinta Laura to duet on the song Penghianat Cinta. This song is on the latest album Duo Maia, SANG JUARA.

One more achievement inscribed by Maia. On May 2009, his songs, TTM (Teman Tapi Mesra) was purchased by a group in Sweden. Using the same rhythm, just changed the lyrics and title, Dreaming Of The Time, the song has even been frequently played on radio one in the United States.

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