Friday, September 2, 2011

Olla Ramlan got an offer to sing (Olla mendapat tawaran menyanyi)


Artis cantik yang juga sering menjadi host, Febiolla Ramlan, Perempuan kelahiran Banjarmasin, 15 Februari 1980, atau biasa dikenal Olla Ramlan mendapat tawaran mendadak untuk menjadi penyanyi dan berduet di single dari Robinhood band. Olla Ramlan mengaku dirinya tidak terpikirkan untuk menjadi penyanyi.

Beautiful artist who also happens to host, Febiolla Ramlan, Women born in Banjarmasin, February 15, 1980, or commonly known as Olla Ramlan suddenly got an offer to become a singer and a duet on the single from the band's Robinhood. Olla Ramlan admitted he did not think to be a singer.
"Frankly, I never thought to enter the world of singing. So this offer is also sudden, supposing that I can why not? But if to be a real singer and it became the obsession, I have no mind that way," he said when met after fill in "Dahsyat" in Point Square, Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta, on Sunday.

When asked which is more like to choose a host, acting and singing, the older brother of Cynthia Ramlan is prefer to like acting and emcee. Olla said again, for in the field of singing he has to practice more.

"I like the host and acting. It was the first to know the future but where I sing. To be sure I had plenty of practice," he explained.

"For this I can not say much. Because many of which we all aspire and hope it does not fit. We live aja forward as possible if yes so what we enjoy. What matters most grateful and pray," he concluded.

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