Friday, September 2, 2011

Bintang sinetron dan iklan "Sandra Dewi", artis kelahiran Bangka Belitung, 8 Agustus 1983, seakan sudah memberi isyarat bakal segera menikah. dia lantang ngomong bisa jadi naik ke pelaminan di akhir tahun 2011 ini. Calon pendampingnya seorang pria yang lima bulan belakangan bisnis bareng di bidang aksesoris.

Why not have a boyfriend, what too choose? "I never picky. For me the important person is good, and faith with me, "says the star of this movie Quickie Express. (interviews in 2010)

Now the soap opera star and advertising "Sandra", the artist born in Bangka Belitung, August 8, 1983, as already signaled will soon get married. speak loudly so he could go up to the altar at the end of the year 2011. Candidate companion of a man who five months later with my business in the area of ​​accessories. (info Pos Kota)

"Hopefully, yes I wish it could be realized. Correct choice was made up anyway. Anyway, he's the type of ideal man for me, "said the owner's full name Monica Nichole Sandra Dewi Gunawan Bisri it bluntly, after carrying out the birthday party the 29th year in Jakarta.

Just unfortunately, cast 'Quick Express' is, do not want to mention the full name of the man's dream that will accompany to the altar. "I'm Eastern women. So, if not married, do not need to be know details about future husband I was, "he said.

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