Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cut Mini Theo

Cut Mini Theo biasa dipanggil Cut Mini (lahir di Jakarta, 30 Desember 1973) adalah seorang pembawa acara, bintang sinetron, dan pemain film. Cut Mini mengawali kariernya sejak usia 15 tahun menjadi foto model sebuah majalah remaja. Setelah itu ia ditawari untuk bermain dalam sinetron "Catatan Si Boy".

Cut Mini Theo used to be called Cut Mini (born in Jakarta, December 30, 1973) is an emcee, soap star, and movie player.

Cut Mini began his career at the age of 15 years became a photo model teen magazines. After that, the daughter of the late spouse. T. Usman Abdullah dan Cut Dermawan from Aceh was offered to play in the soap opera "Catatan Si Boy." Cut Mini has become a popular name when she became a model singer Andre Hehanusa video clips.

When he climbed the world will host events, offer came from neighboring countries. During 9 months, Cut Mini in Malaysia contracted a production house which collaboration with TV3 for a role in several soap operas starring seven players from seven countries including Brunei, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam.

Upon returning to Indonesia, Cut Mini starts close to the P Project who later popularized the Malay language version. Proximity to the P Project Cut Mini gave way to the end offered by a television station make a comedy show titled "Sang Prabu". In the event Cut Mini got the role as the Malays. From there also the Cut Mini finally get the image comedian.

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