Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Marissa Anita is a smart woman's tomboyish (Marissa tomboy tapi cerdas)

Marissa Anita adalah seorang presenter program 8-11 Show di Metro TV bisa dibilang nyaris sempurna. Tapi, tak hanya soal fisik, karena wanita tomboi ini membuktikan kecerdasannya. Terbukti, ia menguasai 5 bahasa. Marissa adalah anak kedua dari 3 bersaudara. Sebagai anak tengah yang didampingi dua saudara lelaki kakak juga adik yang laki-laki, membuat Marissa menjadi sosok perempuan tomboi.

Marissa Anita is a presenter of the program on Metro TV Show 8-11 could say almost perfect. But, is not exclusively a physical matter, because she is a tomboy prove his intelligence. Evidently, he mastered five languages ​​at once.
Marissa was born as the second of three brothers. As a middle child who was accompanied by two brothers younger brother is also a male, female figures made Marissa a tomboy.
Entering college, Marissa choose Atma Jaya University majoring in English Education. Marissa deliberately chose the language because since childhood he loved the language. The first language he learned was English. Subsequently, he began to study Japanese, French, Mandarin, and Italian. "I love all the same language and for me to absorb the language very easily."
S1 graduated in 2005, he immediately became an English teacher at a language institute in the area of ​​Tebet, South Jakarta. Soon, Marissa decided to continue her education. He then took the S2 at the University of Sydney, NSW, Australia, majoring in Journalism. Weight at first, because for the first time, Marissa had to live abroad. "If your father, anyway, because it made him baseball problem. The important thing I learned well and went home to be a good boy. Most mothers are somewhat difficult because I was very close to him. "
Currently, Marissa more are in the studio to bring the show 8-11 Show with her two friends, and Tommy King Tjokro Revolution. "I have recently become a presenter was full everyday in November 2010. Previously I was an anchor on Metro Morning and Headline News. At 8-11 Show, what's interesting is the ability of improvisation must go on. While there are things that are unexpected happens, and since it is live, yes, already, it's natural. Currently my concentration is really spilled into this event because it takes fresh ideas every day. "
In all what he was doing, including business, Marissa confessed always fully supported by his family, especially the husband. Yes, this beautiful woman has been married since 2.5 years ago and her husband is giving such great support to her career. "When the going out he really understood me, especially now. I am happy with it, "he said briefly.

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