Sunday, March 25, 2012

About Gita Gutawa (Sekilas tentang Gita Gutawa)

Gita Gutawa, terlahir di Jakarta, 11 Agustus 1993. Ia adalah penyanyi pop, yang mendalami dunia musik sejak masih kanak-kanak. Kemahirannya di dunia musik mungkin dikarenakan Gita adalah anak dari Erwin Gutawa, seorang Komposer.

Aluna Sagita Gutawa or better known as Gita Gutawa, born in Jakarta, August 11, 1993. He is a pop singer, who studied music since childhood, because he was the son of Erwin Gutawa, a composer.
Gita which also has many achievements in academics, ever duet with Donny, ADA Band vocalist in the song Yang Terbaik Bagimu. It also had a duet with singer sholawat Hadad Alwi, the album Jalan Cinta 2.

At the age of the 13-year-gita has released his album titled GITA GUTAWA. Sales of the album won the Platinum Award by achieving sales of more than 150 thousand copies in four months. It was then as a singer led her Best Newcomer and Best Album AMI Award 2008.
The girl who recently won the overall championship at the 6th International Nile Children Song Festival (INCSF) in Cairo, Egypt, also tried acting through a short soap opera AJARI AKU CINTA and AJARI LAGI AKU CINTA. Despite many offers, Gita is not a lot to develop her talent in acting.

Gita also been asked to sing a song for the movie soundtrack. Among them is the soundtrack for the film LOVE and the film phenomenal is Laskar Pelangi. Gita also starred in various commercials selling, among Indomie, Conello Walls Ice Cream and Pond's.

Gita also been expanding its wings by acting behind the scenes. He is believed to be the voice of the first animated film in Indonesia, MERAIH MIMPI work of the producer, Nia Dinata. Mid-August 2009, launched his first book Gita, KOTAK MUSIK GITA. Although not write itself, but Gita wants to share his experiences during the music world wrestle with his fans.
Of acting in front of the screen, now Gita began to explore the big screens. End of 2009, he began filming the movie LOVE IN PERTH. On February 25, 2010, Gita appeared in solo concert titled Music Box Gita. Here, the father, Erwin Gutawa act as a concert producer. Gita is increasingly recognized achievements in the music world, with chosen as Favorite Female Singer Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards held Sunday night (09/05/2010).

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