Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mengenai persiapannya tampil di Amerika yang rencananya akan tampil tanggal 16 sampai dengan 23 Juli 2011, Ridho Rhoma telah menyusun sebuah konsep agar lebih mengentalkan budaya Indonesia

preparation of the plan appeared in America will perform on 16 until July 23, 2011, Ridho Rhoma has developed a concept that later he will bring. In order tofurther thicken the culture of Indonesia, brings Ridho ranging from costumes and dance of Indonesia in the show later
"Costumes are all associated with Indonesia, batik wear costumes and modern. There will be dance performances from Indonesia," he said when appearing in FX SudirmanPlaza, South Jakarta, Wednesday (22 / 6) evening.

Is there any involvement of the father, Rhoma Irama who had previously appeared in America? "Papa baseball is involved, we make their own ideas and concepts. Dresshimself and his own songs," he explained.

Furthermore Ridho said that when appearing on the show Indonesia Day in LosAngeles Staple Center will also present cultural festivals Indonesia. And Ridho want to participate in the event through his music.

"It will be the concept of the festival about Indonesian culture, bazaar, danceIndonesia," he said

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