Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Anya Dwinov "Expression Fishing" (Anya Dwinov "Memancing Ekspresi")

Cari Suami, Anya Dwinov Obral Diri

Anya Dwinov (28), yang dikenal sebagai pembawa acara, punya tugas baru sebagai life coach untuk anak-anak peserta reality show "Soccer Star Indonesia", yang ditayangkan MNC-TV mulai 10 Juli 2011. Acara ini memburu anak-anak Indonesia yang berbakat menjadi pemain sepak bola.

Pemenangnya berhak berlatih di Chelsea FC Youth Training Academy, Inggris. Bahkan, kalau memiliki kemampuan bagus, terbuka peluang mereka menjadi pemain sepak bola.

Selain head coach yang tugasnya melatih anak-anak bermain sepak bola, ada life coach yang bertugas mengasah mental mereka. Inilah tugas Anya.

Anya Dwinov (28), known as the emcee, got a new job as a life coach for kidsparticipant reality show "Soccer Star Indonesia", the MNC-TV began airing July 10, 2011. The event was chasing children in Indonesia who gifted a footballer.

The winner has the right to practice in the Chelsea FC Youth Training Academy, UK.In fact, if you have good abilities, open their chance to be a footballer.

In addition to head coach whose job it is to train children to play soccer, there is a lifecoach in charge of sharpening their mental. This is the task of Anya.

"Son of Indonesia are generally less expressive. Usually they are shy and quiet. Whenasked his opinion, the answer must be good or good. I have to lure them to the expression 'out'," Anya said, some time ago in Jakarta.

He should also be able to make the kids feel comfortable and confident with her styleof each. For that, the time owned by Anya is not much, about two months.

"The task is challenging and the first time for me. Studies of mental training I gainedself-taught. It's tricky," he said.

Is Anya also coaching soccer and run around the field? "I know baseball coaching soccer, I train mentally," he said.

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