Monday, July 11, 2011

Densu Being Big Brother (Densu menjadi Kakak)

Atlet basket nasional, Denny Sumargo, selama 4 hari 3 malam, 2-5 Juli 2011, "mengasuh" lima anak di Singapura. Anak-anak berumur 9-12 tahun itu adalah peserta Wisata Edukasi ke Singapura. Wisata itu antara lain diisi dengan coaching clinic basket bersama Densu, panggilan Denny Sumargo.

National basketball athletes, Denny Sumargo, for 4 days and 3 nights, 2-5 July 2011,"nurturing" of five children in Singapore. Children aged 9-12 years were participantsto the Singapore Tourism Education. Tourism, among others, is filled with basketballcoaching clinic with Densu, call Denny Sumargo.

"Exciting, too, anyway. I seemed to be ballooning them and they absorbed the sameaccording to me," said basketball player who is also a model and star ad. These children are the winners of the campaign "Jika Aku Lebih Tinggi" held Boneeto milkproducers.

Densu happy, even if it turns out the kids has a hobby of soccer or running, they are also familiar with him. "They love basketball too," he said.

According to the basketball player who now Flexi Bandung Garuda strengthen the squad, he did not merely introduce the movements of basketball to children. "They tellus about the importance of healthy living and exercise," he said.

With exercise, according to Denny, it is expected these children will grow as the childof an active, creative, positive thinking, and can work together in a team.

"In life they will also help each intermarry. The important thing is, yesterday the kidshappy," said an admirer of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant's.

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