Sunday, November 6, 2011

The handsome actor Ari Wibowo

Arianto Wibowo, or better known as Ari Wibowo (born in Berlin, Germany, December 26, 1970, age 40 years) is an actor who started his career as a photo model who was a Protestant. Ira Wibowo brother and uncle of Richard Kevin has also been joined by Cool Colours vocal group whose members consist of Ari Sihasale, Surya Saputra, and Johandy Yahya, Justin Ryan at once replaced in the group. Taekwondo red belt bears had starred in the film take action such as dust and roar of Jacky.

This handsome actor, pursue karate since the age of 7 years. After several years living in Indonesia, Ari turned to taekwondo champion and had won three in Tae Kwon Do Championships in Jakarta. And then he is still a white belt, faced with a red belt.

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