Friday, November 4, 2011

Carier Raffi Ahmad

Raffi is touted as one of the best-selling artist today, thanks to the more DAHSYAT program to establish itself in the field of presenting. Apart DAHSYAT, Raffi is also present in two new programs Rafi Wkwkwk and OMG the back pair it with Olga Syahputra. But Raffi is also still exist in the world of acting. Playing in some titles FTV, soap operas to sitcoms Diary Baim OKB also lived until recently. In addition Raffi is also back with new single Johan (Jodoh On Hand of God) where he was a duet with Cynthia Bella Laudya. They come with names RaBel or Raffi / Bella.

On February 26, in the event Fierce Award 2010, Raffi performed both with Yuni in the medley The Best Way Johan and I looked. Various bid to pair the two in one project came. Starting from advertising, the single duet 50 Years After and the movie Rumah Tanpa Jendela. Raffi also began to try their luck in the world by working on directing a short film titled Barbie, starring Yuni. 10-minute film was finally rewarded in the Best Movie award dinner LA Lights Indie Movie 2011.

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