Sunday, September 9, 2012

About Yuni Shara

Wahyu Setyaning Budi or known as Yuni Shara
She was born in Malang, East Java, June 3, 1972 is an artist (singer) Indonesia. Sister of Krisdayanti. She's mother was named Rachma Widadiningsih.

Yuni was married to Raymond Manthey in 1993, only lasted about 4 months.
Alumni University majoring in Finance and Banking Borobudur Jakarta is then married to businessman Henry Siahaan. Their marriage seemed to get the trial from the beginning. In addition to disputing the age of 15 years, they also have different beliefs. It also makes their marriage legal umbrella for 5 years. Both were married at the hands since 1997 and recently on August 7, 2002, their marriage legalized in Perth, Australia. Four days later the couple registered the marriage in Indonesia.

After years of trying to have children themselves, Yuni-Henry finally decided to adopt a boy named Cavin Obrient Solomon Siahaan. This pair waiting for 7 years finally came true on November 1, 2006, Yuni gave birth to a son, named Cello Obient Siahaan.

On June 17, 2008, Yuni divorced from Henry.
And now, Yuni was close to the young actor, Raffi Ahmad. Although adrift nearly 15 years, but admitted the truth of this news Yuni.

songs ever sung by Yuni Shara
- 50 tahun lagi
- Agar aku punyamu
- Akhirnya
- Aku Cinta Padamu
- Aku Ini punya Siapa
- Hilang Permataku ( in 1991) 
- Jatuh Cinta Lagi ( in 1990) 
- Salah Tingkah (1992) 
- Aku Percaya (1993) 
- Surat Undangan (1994) 
- Mengapa Tiada Maaf (1995) 
- Soundtrack Return of The Condor Heroes (1995)

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