Monday, May 21, 2012

Regina's contestant Indonesian Idol 2012 (Profil Regina IDOL)

NAME: Regina Ivanova
Place, date Birth: Jakarta, December 4, 1985
City: Jakarta

In the Indonesian Idol 2012, Regina managed to amaze the judges 'Triple A' with a song from singer Adele bernotasi difficult. His deep voice made ​​an appearance in Regina last elimination round, it sounds really sexy.

Prior to join Indonesian Idol, Regina was a singer in a café. According to him, this is very exciting, because in addition to making money, he can be singing hobby.

Until the competition 7 Large, visible rivalry between the two strongest contestants, the chance to go ahead with the capital's best sound quality. namely:

Sean again showed himself as the best representation for vocal training this season. Power and the musicality of her voice, making him like no trouble carrying a tune like that he wants. The song "hunch" was sung by Marcel a good soul.

And Regina reply to request an audience with elegant and stately. Regina fans the choice to take advantage of the night interesting vocal acrobatics and hit in the heart. Buffeting and noise power in a single song was so dynamic and well planned.

In the Indonesian Idol competition, alternately looking both ranked first.

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