Monday, June 20, 2011

Leony Being an assistant director

Name of
former child singer, Leony (24), re-emerged into the news. Not that launchinga new album, but because he became assistant director in the film Aria Kusumadewafart currently playing in cinemas. Ah, it turns out the girl's full name Leony VitriaHartanti, the time the children joined in the trio Quack-quack with Dhea Ananda andAlfandy, it has changed its course.

"I'm not interested in being a singer, is now interested in directing," said Leony. The world has been a professional singer since she left seven years ago. Alumnus Faculty of Psychology, University of Pelita Harapanyang mengakutak Like this popularity is now only bernanyi for events associated with the ministry of the church.

Subject challenging new field for the occupied it, Leony not want to learn specifically,for example school to become a director within or outside the country. "Ah, if abroadfor a walk wrote," he said with a laugh.

She prefers to learn directly from film director Maria Aria and Khomaris and join thecommunity of indie filmmakers. "Theory (directing) could be studied alone. According to me anyway, observation and experience (an assistant director) more important,"he said

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